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Nancy Pelosi: Republicans Will Continue Obstruction If Obama Is Reelected

Monday, September 17, 2012

Anyone who says "Obama killed OBL", I ask, "How do you know?"  

The greatest terrorist attack on the US and the alleged perpetrator, ill with kidney disease, a towering figure of 6'4" living and traveling among 5 and-a-half-foot people, eludes apprehension for a decade, and when we ultimately get him we quickly dispose of the body where it can never be exhumed, refuse to release photographs or anything confirming the death ("Take our word for it") and hide the SEAL team and let conflicting accounts of what happened remain.

It's as likely to be true as the official account of 9/11, where the US sent all of the steel from the WTC to China, untested, to be recycled.  

We don't do that.  We salvage downed air planes from the bottom of the ocean and reconstruct them in hangars to find out what happened.  It's why we are a nation run by rule of law and not rule of man.  Where we examine evidence in courtrooms to get to the truth.  

But all that is over.  

The situation might have been remedied had Democrats and Obama come into office investigat­ing and prosecutin­g the Bush administer­tion, Wall Street, defense contractors, and restoring the 'rule of law'.  BushCheney exploited the inherent weaknesses in the Constituti­on:  A precarious balance of power between the three branches of government­.  But Obama refused, and has continued the BushCheney disregard of the Constituti­on, even going beyond BushCheney abuses.

Do you know thathe Pentagon has no photos of the dead OBL, and no DNA analysis was done on OBL.  Nor does any video exist of the raid, either at the scene, at the Pentagon, in the WH Situation Room.

If you want to talk about OBL, then let's throw the windows open and get a real investigation.  Starting with what actually happened on 9/11 (the 911 Commission was a cruel joke), the policies that led to 9/11, our response to it, the post-9/11 policies which have us in a perpetual state of war with Americans being no safer.
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