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Nancy Pelosi: Republicans Will Continue Obstruction If Obama Is Reelected

Monday, September 17, 2012

Obama didn't repeal DADT; Congress did.

Obama actually IMPEDED repeal.  

Obama and Democrats didn't do everything in their power to end it.  Not after the House had fallen to Republican control, and certainly not before the 2010 midterms or when Obama came into power on 1/20/09 and Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress.

Right before the midterms I asked commenters here if they thought Democrats would be as effective at obstructing Republicans as the Republicans as the minority party have been these past 4 years at obstructing Democrats.

Obama's been giving silent assent and aid to Republicans by not taking to the bully pulpit over this and all issues.  Obama could certainly sign a stop-loss order (read my previous comments here and here before the standard knee-j3rk response about a new president overturning it).

As AxelDC said:

This was an obvious case for reconcilia­tion.  The bill is the DoD budget, and reconcilliation is to avoid filibusters on budget issues.  The House overwhelmingly passed it, the Senate had 57 votes, and Reid and Obama refused to push it through.

What about a stop-loss order on Day 1?  Obama has that authority and Congress would have to override him.

Instead, he thought he would be too clever by half and predictibly fail in the Senate and hope the public would punish Republicans for it.  Didn't quite work out that way did it?  Either pass it in reconciliation in December or the courts will have to do what Obama refuses to do.

The audacity of campaigning, the timidity of governing. 

Back in November, 2010, Joe Lieberman leaked that 3 Republicans might sign onto repealing DADT if the process was "fair", i.e., if Republicans could add amendments onto the defense budget bill, among other things.  I think this is the deal, agreeing to the Bush-Cheney 'Long War', continuing to kick the can down the road for ending these wars, is what Obama agreed to to get 3 Republicans to consider voting to repeal DADT.  I think Obama's looking for cover, to hide behind Republicans, for his deceit about not fulfilling his promise to end these wars.

Obama and Democrats didn't need 60 -- They could've put the repeal of DADT in the defense budget bill and passed it through reconciliation.  50 + Biden.

After it did pass, Obama could've signed an executive order (stop-loss), that would have stopped discharged while the Pentagon "studied" it, but he refused.
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