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Nancy Pelosi: Republicans Will Continue Obstruction If Obama Is Reelected

Monday, September 17, 2012

It is in retrospect that Obama's corruptnes­s, his treachery, should be obvious for any willing to open their eyes.  Obama never wanted a public option [A caller on CSpan a few months ago asked Richard Wolffe, who was out plugging his latest book written from his special access to the Obama White House, if we're ever going to get a public option to keep costs down.  Wolffe makes it clear that Obama and the DLC-contro­lled Democrats never had any intention of going with a public option or expanding public healthcare in any way (although Wolffe is mistaken when he says that Obama never ran on supporting a public option -- Not only did Obama campaign on "a public option", he campaigned on single payer, universal health care -- Here's a campaign ad featuring Obama himself -- See the part where he says he has a plan to "cover everyone'? That's 'universal coverage' -- There's even a graphic in the ad that says "The Obama Plan - UNIVERSAL coverage for all Americans"­.  Obama ran against mandates, and criticized Hillary for them in her campaign promises --  Here is Candidate Obama on mandates -- Here again -- Obama campaigned on public option).]

To make sure that there wouldn't be a public option in any final legislatio­n (and that there really wouldn't be any reform of the system, that the insurance and pharmaceut­ical industries would continue to be able to make massive profits), single payer had to be taken off the table before negotiatio­ns ever began.   And that's exactly what Obama did.
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