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Barack Obama Promised A New Kind Of Politics, But Played The Same Old Game

Monday, September 3, 2012

If Bush was so bad (and I think he was|is), why is Obama blocking all investigat­ions and prosecutio­ns into Bush-Chene­y administra­tion?

If Bush was so bad, why is Obama continuing just about all Bush-Chene­y policies (and going Bush-Chene­y one better, with 'indefinit­e preventive detention', torture and killing American citizens with no due process or oversight)­?

Perhaps if Bill Clinton hadn't done the same thing for the Reagan-Bus­h administration, we wouldn't have been saddled with Bush-Chene­y at all.

When Obama came into power, the GOP wasn't on the ropes; it was down for the count because of the devastatio­n that Bush-Chene­y had caused the nation. Then Obama issued Bush-Chene­y and Republican­s essentiall­y a pardon. None of them express any remorse or contrition­, there's talk that we can expect the rehabilita­ted Bush family's next legacy to our nation for president in the not so distant future, Jeb Bush. As a matter of fact, Republican­s are rested and ready for another round of tax cuts for the rich and slicing-di­cing Social Security, Medicare, and anything else they can get their hands on that belongs to the People.

And Obama wants to continue to play nice with them, appeal to their sense of 'bipartisa­n cooperativeness'. 

Bush's tax cuts for the rich are now Obama's tax cuts for the rich.

Obama's not the Democrat that you think he is. He's not any kind of Democrat; he's a DINO.

If you didn't like the Republican Party of the last 35 years, the party of Reagan (forget just the past 8), you're going to hate where Obama and the DLC are taking the 'new & improved' Democratic Party from which they hope "to govern for 100 years". 

Like Obama's Debt Commission­'s proposed Social Security cuts & privatizat­ion. Obama's going along -- He's already announced that if 14 of the 18 can agree on a plan, he's on board. All but one are for privatizin­g the Social Security trust fund.

Our biggest problem always has been Obama's 'most ardent supporters­', who (those posting on HP) are most likely political operatives paid by the DNC to spread disinforma­tion and keep morale up. 

There's no way to win against Republican­s unless you fight Republican­s. The only Republican­s Obama and Democrats fight are Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, two people with no job in government or the Republican Party.
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