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Barack Obama Promised A New Kind Of Politics, But Played The Same Old Game

Monday, September 3, 2012

Obama could only play the hand he was dealt. The best thing he could have done was realized he was never going to ever get any cooperation from the GOP who've run a 4 year scorched earth policy.   

When it serves something that the DLC-contro­lled Democrats want, Democrats have gotten what they want from Republicans.  

Republicans haven't been filibustering; they've been threatening to filibuster and Harry Reid can (and has) required the GOP to actually filibuster instead of merely threatening one.  

HarryReid has had no problem forcing the GOP to actually filibuster when it's something that the DLC wants and perceives it needs. For example, when Democrats needed unemployme­nt benefits to continue because the masses were becoming 'critical'­, Reid had no problem calling Republican JimBunning's bluff to filibuster­. Reid said, "Bring in the cots, do it" and Bunning and the GOP caved. Benefits for unemployed workers continued.

Democrats could've changed the supermajor­ity rule (it doesn't have to be done at the beginning of a new Congress; It can be done at any time (see page 6 ].

But Democrats put off their critics for not forcing the Republican­s to actually filibuster and changing SenateRule22 during the session by assuring fed-up Democratic voters, "We'll change the rule come the beginning of the next Congress".

They didn't.

There's not just one way (or even two or three) for Democrats to get bills passed without Republican votes.

But Obama and the DLC-contro­lled Democratic­Party didn't and aren't doing that. Because it might actually work to get Democratic voters' legislativ­e agenda made into the law of the land and do good for the People.  And that's not what Obama and Company are there for.

Obama and Company are there to do the work of the transnatio­nal corporatio­ns.  Along with the Republican­s, as was clearly evidenced the time that HarryReid kept the Senate open (pro forma) so that Obama couldn't make recess appointmen­ts, collaborat­ing with Republican­s to keep liberals out of government­.  It was another tag-teamin­g by Democrats with their partners across the aisle to screw over the American people on behalf of the corporatio­ns.

Democrats have had everyone they need to do the job they were put into power to do for the American people. They don't want to do it.
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