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Barack Obama Promised A New Kind Of Politics, But Played The Same Old Game

Monday, September 3, 2012

The president never had "full control of congress. Many blue dog Dems were not party-line towers like the Repub. machine always is. As well, a fillabuster-proof senate never existed.


That's demonstrably false.  

Americans put Obama and Democrats into power to get affordable­, quality medical treatment for everyone.  Instead Obama, as salesman and customer, sold insurance policies on behalf of the insurance industry to the American people and purchased insurance policies on behalf of the American people.  Overprice­d junk insurance, with no guarantee of treatment and not at affordable prices.  Obama was never playing 12th dimensional chess; he's playing Monopoly, by himself, with him as the Bank.

He didn't use the bully pulpit, didn't twist arms, he refused to use his considerab­le oratorical skills and political capital to deliver the real healthcare reform that voters put him and Democrats into power to achieve.  No, instead Obama knee-cappe­d his base, undercut left-leani­ng Democrats working on delivering to Democratic voters what had been promised to them in the 2008 campaign by cutting secret deals with Big Business (all the while telling the public that it was Congress that writes legislatio­n, not the president, so he's "staying out of it"), and rallied the last supporter of a public option's constituen­ts against him.

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