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Supreme Court Health Care Law: Justices Come Down Hard On The Mandate

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Then there's Lynn Woolsey, head of the Progressive Caucus, likes to brag that she was the first to bring a resolution to end the war in Iraq.  She, and congressional Democrats, and Obama, ran on ending the practice of paying for the wars through supplemental emergency spending bills, and putting the wars on budget (see why that is significant here).

Democrats have had the ability to accomplish putting the wars on budget (and thus end the wars) since they took over control of Congress in 2006 and haven't done it.  They haven't needed Republicans to do this for years and haven't done it. 

As the head of the Progressive Caucus, Lynn Woolsey led 79 of the 82 members of the caucus to pledge that they would not vote for any healthcare reform legislation that didn't include a public option.  
Woolsey then led the 79 to renege on the pledge.  And even when Obama didn't need the last holdout's vote (Dennis Kucinich's) to pass his health insurance windfall legislation, Obama did need to break Kucinich in a big public show in order to put down the public option/single payer movement.  Even then, it didn't save Kucinich from being redistricted out of office (he's rumored now to be considering a move to Washington state in order to remain in Congress).  

And unbeknownst to Lynn Woolsey's constitutents (it was never reported in her district's newspapers): Progressive Congresswoman Woolsey Endorses Pro-War Blue Dog Jane Harman Over Progressive Marcy Winograd

Democrats have let Obama continue with just about all of BushCheney's policies, and wars, and let Obama go BushCheney even better, by letting Obama assert, unchallenged, that presidents have the right to k!ll Americans with no due process or oversight, push for 'preventive detention' and no transparency of anything a president asserts should be his secret.   

Democrats have abdicated their Constitutionally-required role of oversight of the executive branch; they failed to perform it during the BushCheney administration, and still don't with one of their own in the WhiteHouse.

Shall I go on?

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