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Supreme Court Health Care Law: Justices Come Down Hard On The Mandate

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seems I didn't.  I posted this about 15 minutes before your comment.  

Your snarky insult and ignorance as to what Lily Ledbetter actually is about tells me that you're more interested in defending your support of Obama and Democrats than in women's rights being "stomped".  

Because when faced with the facts, evidence that Obama and Democrats have been complicit in the downward spiral of the nation and the plight of the poor and middle class and women, you and Obama's 'most ardent supporters' dig your heels in and attack real democrats like me who are working out butts off to achieve what it is you claim to be fore.  You can't bring yourselves to admit you've been had by DLC-controlled Democratic politicians.  Until you can, until you and Obama's 'most ardent fans' hold him and Democrats accountable, there really is no hope for the country, of turning America's decline around.
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