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Supreme Court Health Care Law: Justices Come Down Hard On The Mandate

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

There is nothing that Republicans have done these past several decades without Democrats having signed on. 

We're at a point where women now can't get an abortlon in 92 percent of the counties in the US.  There are 3 states in the country that have only one abortion clinic, and other states heavily restrict abortlon, ban abortlons in clinics or any facility that receives public funds, or ban abortlon counseling or clinic recommendations.  Kansas has to fly in a physician to perform abortions once a week.

Obama's healthcare reform legislation = ending insurance coverage of abortlon services.

Read here, too.

What good is it that Democrats publicly state they're for protecting Roe vs. Wade when they join with Republicans to carve away the actual abilities for women to obtain abortions?  Republicans figured out "Why bother overturning Roe vs. Wade if, instead, we can just make abortion impossible to get?", and Democrats 'compromised' away access to abortion piecemeal.  

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