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Barack Obama Campaign Finance Reforms Fiddled While System Crumbled

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm wondering, too...who will you vote for? 

I do not disagree with anything you wrote (and would even add a few "disappointments" such as Montsanto CEO/Lobbyist as head of FDA). However, if you think a change back to Republican leadership is somehow going to fix these things, you are sadly mistaken. There is not one person who will be a perfect president. Not one. We are stuck with which side outweighs the other. 


If you want to know why this liberal Democrat can't vote for Obama, and understand the alternatives, read this.

Then read John Cusack's Interview of Law Professor Jonathan Turley About the Obama Administration's War on the Constitution and journalist Russell Mokhiber's Ten Reasons I'm Not With Barack Obama.

Then read/listen to A Great Silence is Spreading Over the Natural World.

And Chris Hedges' Life Is Sacred (no, it's not about abortion).

Then consider all of it against the backdrop of this:

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