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Supreme Court Health Care Reform: Without Mandate, Nightmare Awaits Insurers, Uninsured

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm for universal heath care too but Republicans don't want it. I don't see a way forward with our current elected officials.


The short version: 

Democrats didn't need Republicans.  And the proof of that is, THEY USED RECONCILIATION (50 + 1 or Biden) TO PASS ACA.  

Democrats don't and haven't used any of the tools available to pass what they ran on, what they promised.  Everything from investigations and prosecutions, and using the bully pulpit, to forcing Republicans to actually filibuster instead of merely threatening it (Senate rule 22, or changing the supermajority rule), Democrats have been passive aggressive in delivering to their Corporate Masters -- Democrats have the same objectives as Republicans, just a different strategy in achieving it.  

When you say that you don't "see a way forward with our current elected officials", that includes Democrats.
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