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Ryan Budget: Early Education Cuts Would Pull More Than Two Million Kids From Public Preschool

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Both parties, controlled by corporations, support globalization.  "New World Order".  Privatizing national resources.   

It's nothing that was ever debated or discussed, and certainly nothing that was ever voted for by the American people.  Alluded to, but not ever debated openly, extensively, pros and cons, in the public square.  In government circles (think tanks, policy schools, etc.), it's revered as being the solution to ending poverty around the world, and by extension, war.  "Lift people out of poverty and they won't go to war over resources -- They won't have any reason, no need to fight for their lives".

A real knee-slapper, don't you think?  

We need to nationalize our resources, and not shift the nation's wealth to the 1%.  The 1% has proven themselves to be lousy stewards and caretakers, and criminals toward the 99%.
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