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Eric Cantor 'Perplexed' By NSA Surveillance Revelations

Monday, June 10, 2013

Member of the intelligence committees, people who have been cleared to see top secret documents, have been LIED to and stonewalled.   


Whatever those who did know were told, their STAFFs weren't allowed to see the information, and without being able to discuss it with experts, they'd have no idea of what they're dealing with.  

This is reminiscent of how Bush and Cheney managed to get Congress to vote for the AUMF (Authority to Use Military Force) against Iraq.  Former Democratic representative Pete Kanjorski told about a meeting he and other members of Congress were summoned to at the White House, with Bush and Condoleeza Rice floating in and out of.  CIA was making the presentation, and it was later that he (and we) all learned that it was FABRICATED evidence - Photographs CIA was purporting to have been taken over Iraq, of Iraq's ability to get intercontinental missiles to the U.S.  In actuality, the photographs were created in the U.S. southwest.  

We also learned how Bush-Cheney managed to manage Congress, congressional approval, for criminal acts like torture and water boarding, and then saying "Congress knew all about it and approved" by breaking up 'notice' into component parts, like the budget for such an operation.  It would then introduce it through a subcommittee which typically the congress's staff attends, but not necessarily the members themselves.  As the staff has no security clearance for knowing about torture or waterboarding, the actual category for the expense is never divulged, but instead some generic label is given to the expense which nobody ever knows the real purpose.  

That was Dick Cheney's and David Addington's "gift" to the Bush administration - The inner workings of Congress from Cheney's time in the House, and how to get around that pesky body.
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