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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"9/11!  9/11!  9/11!"

If I didn't know better I'd swear it was 9/12/01, BushCheney were still in office and we were preparing to go to war in Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq.

The same problem that existed back then, that enabled 19 men, mostly Saudis, to hijack 4 planes and fly them into the WTC exists today.  It wasn't a lack of intelligence but the failure of the government to act on it.  The proof we have is the Boston Marathon bombing just over two months ago.  US authorities were tipped to the Tarnaev brothers and did nothing.  

The massive surveillance apparatus over Americans has nothing to do with keeping Americans safe from attack.  That's really not what our government does, and if you'd ever lost a loved one through a terror attack you'd know that.  The only time the government gets involved is when it threatens commerce. Do you recall Bush in the first days after 9/11?  "Go shopping".  

What's really going on

Another NSA whistleblower RussTice claims key government figures, including president Obama and numerous others have been under surveillance. A massive potential exists of NSA to blackmail political figures, judges, lawyers, CEOs and etc. to manipulate the US domestic and foreign policies, judicial system, legislatures, media, corporations, banks and so on might have already done grave damages to achieve crucial military and corporate agendas. 

“Don’t tell me there’s no abuse because I had this stuff in my hands, I looked at it.  In some cases I was literally involved in the technology that was going after this stuff.  I had my hand literally on the paperwork. They went after members of Congress, Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence and ArmedServices committees, the judicial committee, but they went after other ones, too. They went after lawyers, law firms, judges. They went after StateDepartment officials… They went after US international corporations, US banking firms, financial firms. They went after NGOs (non-governmental organizations) like the RedCross and people like that, that go overseas and do humanitarian work…"

“I can give you names of a bunch of different people they went after that I saw, the names, phone numbers of congress people and not only them, what looked like staff people, too......Not only their congressional offices, their home state offices. It's incredible what NSA’s done. They turned themselves into a rogue agency that has JEdgarHoover capabilities on a monstrous scale, on steroids.

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