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Sandra Day O'Connor Doubts Decision To Take Bush V. Gore

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SCOTUS didn't follow the law - Didn't you read the article?  Your first clue should have been when SCOTUS said that their decision wasn't to set precedent for any future cases.  It was a one time deal.  We don't 'do' "one time deals" - The US legal system is based on the English common law system, which is based on court cases and precedent (this is in contrast to Napoleanic code law).  Nothing is law unless it's been vetted by the court.  

But not in this case.  

Elections don't belong to candidates; they belong to the People.  Gore shouldn't have had to call for a recount statewide, but everyone knows why he didn't, and it had nothing to do with "an unConstitutional recount of only a few districts".  There is no such thing, "unConstitutional recount of only a few districts".  By law, a candidate can call for any number of districts to be recounted, and the reason Gore didn't was because of what the Bush campaign was doing in the initial hours after it was clear that the election was too close to call.  As the possibilities for what was going to happen were listed by the news talking heads, Bush lieutenants were fanning out all over the air waves and SCREAMING down any statewide recount.  
That's how the entire campaign had gone - One Bush-Cheney bullying tactic after another.  Gore allowed himself to be manuveured and the American people lost as a result.  The Bush campaign's game plan was declare himself the winner with more votes, and then to stall and stonewall any recount of anything, and try to run out the clock.  It was the football paradigm.  

Gore's strategy was the baseball paradigm - To push for the counting of all legally cast ballots.  That IS the American way.  

There was more controversy about the 2004 elections, both on the national level and individual state elections (Washington, Ohio, New Mexico, etc.).  Everything from voter suppression and purging and impediments (and provisional ballot challenges) and election software manipulation to Bush's convenient terror alerts and Bin Laden sightings days before the election.  
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