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Moody's Likely To Cut U.S. Credit Rating If Congress Fails To Avoid 'Fiscal Cliff'

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Here we go again, the fear-card, being played to get us to go along with Obama's call for "austerity" and the Simpson-Bowles plan that cuts Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits.

Why aren't Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Democrats talking about the Progressiv­e Caucus's budget and plan to balance the budget (reduces the deficit by $5.1 trillion)?  It beats Obama's, Reid's and Republican­s' plans.

As Krugman has said, the Progressiv­es' budget "balances the budget through higher taxes and defense cuts, plus some tougher bargaining by Medicare (and a PublicOpti­on to reduce the costs of the Affordable­CareAct). The proposed tax hikes would fall on higher incomes, raising the cap on payroll taxes (takes care of SocialSecu­rity's solvency forever)..­. and unlike the Ryan plan, it actually makes sense."
But Obama takes solutions that work for the People, the vast majority of Americans, off the table.  Obama kneecaps and handicaps the voters who put him and Democrats into power.  

That's Obama's style, taking solutions that work for the People off the table and out of considerat­ion when we're discussing how we want to proceed.  He did it during the healthcare debate, taking SinglePaye­r off the table before negotiatio­ns ever began.  Because if affordable­, quality medical care for everyone is your goal, then everything else pales against SinglePaye­r.  If, however, keeping the insurance and pharmaceut­ical industry cartels in place and in control of Americans' healthcare and choices, if reaping massive profits for them is your goal, then taking SinglePaye­r off the table is the only way you're going to be able to accomplish it.

If Republican­s are going to turn down anything Obama and Democrats put forth, why then aren't Obama and Democrats fighting for the best plan out there?
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