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Supreme Court Health Care Reform: Without Mandate, Nightmare Awaits Insurers, Uninsured

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obama took single payer (Medicare For All) off the table, because if the goal is to get affordable quality medical care for all then everything else pales in comparison.  He's preserving an anachronistic and failed insurance industry and employer-provided system for medical care. It's government-sanctioned racketeering.

Insurance adds NOTHING to the medical model. The insurance industry is the 'Don Fanucci' (Godfather, Part II -- "I don't want a lot...Just enough to wet my beak") of medical care, letting you get medical care only if you pay them a gratuity up front.

In the last weeks before the legislation became law, Obama held a summit that was gamed to ignore public opinion, to override public DEMANDS for a public option, and railroad through the legislation that lets insurance companies retain their lock on the path to getting healthcare with no cost controls.  

The summit was gamed to keep proponents for getting real reform, (affordable quality medical care for everyone), shut out of the negotiations. Why wasn't Anthony Weiner (or any proponents of public healthcare or single payer) at that summit? Whether it was Republicans saying no or Democrats saying yes, to attend this summit you must have accepted that the insurance industry's ability to make profits off of us be preserved and protected, despite it bankrupting us and the nation.

Dylan Ratigan nailed it on a show he did right before Obama entered the last push to get legislation giving the insurance and pharmaceutical industries the keys to the Treasury no real restrictions, no cost controls, nothing that the insurance industry hasn't figured its way around.  Here's whistleblower and former CIGNA-exec Wendell Potter explaining the con game (medical loss ratio, the amount of money insurers must spend on health care) in the Senate healthcare bill, and how it will enable insurance companies to continue to price gauge and keep obscene profits instead of delivering affordable and quality medical care to policy-holders.
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