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Dick Cheney Heart Transplant: Former Vice President Recovering After Undergoing Surgery

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I think what we're seeing at HP is a 'full production' website, with hired commenters and moderators who are really editors out to shape the image of HP as a 'nice', non-incendiary, middle-of-the-road, infotainment venue.  Above and beyond all else, it's a business making money off of ads and clicks by readers.  It's not out to start a movement or be the rallying point for a revolution.  

So when story like Cheney's heart transplant appears, HP's moderators (editors) are out in full force, very much like Bloomberg's police 'ketting' OWS protestors, or arresting them in parked cars.

What threads like the Cheney heart transplant are good for is outing commenters who most likely are sock puppets, shills, paid political operatives working for either HP or the RNC/DNC/OFA operations (see HB Gary).
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