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Anti-Outsourcing Bills Would Punish Companies That Send Jobs Overseas

Thursday, March 22, 2012

At the core of what's gone wrong in our political system is lobbying, money and politicians switchbacking between jobs in government and business.  Relying on a politician's honor and integrity, to do the right thing, the ethical thing, doesn't cut it.  Unless it's the law of the land (and even then it's iffy), these people just won't do it.

Unless and until there is drastic and uncompromising change to our campaign financing system, until corporations are no longer 'persons' and are prohibited from participating in elections and politics, all efforts to reform government are useless. Obviously this is not going to happen under Republicans, but it's also not going to happen under Obama or the DLC-controlled Democratic Party. It's not even on their 'To Do' list.
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